Chanel hydra beauty cream отзывы

chanel hydra beauty cream отзывы

Chanel hydra beauty cream отзывы

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I am def in loveeeeee with this moisturizer. I love how it smells and I love how it makes my skin feel!!! I love this. I like the fragrance, is the only redeeming quality of this This gel cream is expensive is a average moisturizer its good for non sensitive oily skin. Not good for combination dry skin that is sensitive or ance prone. The textures is like a light cream but I have combo skin that breaks out with creamy moisturizers. Loved this because of the gel consistency, feeling on my face and fragrance.

Downside is the price tag! However, I have not found I had gotten a small sample of this roughly about a year ago when I was purchasing my HG mascara from the counter. I absolutely loved the creme and even that tiny little sample I had lasted me Created with Sketch.

Write Review. Most Viewed Face Moisturizer Products. Strobe Cream reviews. Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream reviews. Dormer Cream 25 reviews. Forget about all those cremes that left your pores clogged and made you feel like you had a mask on. Chanel Beauty Creme has Shea butter, a rich emollient, which makes it easy to apply. As soon as you slap it on, it dissolves into your skin instantly leaving you refreshed all day long. Chanel Beauty Creme, protects your skin from external impurities and antioxidants.

Should you ditch your sunscreen? No, but adding this creme to your regimen will complete the equation. So, whether you have it on or not, after using it, the effects will stay with you for long. Vitamins C and E also reinforce the protection effect. With Chanel Beauty creme you are assured of optimum moisture thanks to Camellia Alba PFA that ensures moisture retention in your skin cells. Are black spots and patches killing your vibe? The Camellia Alba PFA inhibits excessive melanin production and balances it out to tackle hyper-pigmentation.

The result is the fading of your spots for a flawless look. It is also packed with Vitamin C, which backs up this role. If you have been wondering which bank to break to get money for Botox, stop there. This jar has Sodium Hyaluronate which plumps out wrinkles. The lofty price and strong scent might lead you to consider other options in the market, but if you can afford it and a want high performance product that will give you soft, smooth and luminous complexion, then you should make your order.

Press ESC to close. Forget about the high price tags, good things are worth paying for. Protection Chanel Beauty Creme, protects your skin from external impurities and antioxidants.

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